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The 1999 Don't Be Fooled Award Winners

This report announces the recipients of the 1999 "Don't Be Fooled Awards." More and more, American consumers look for products that are environmentally responsible, but find it difficult to sort through all of the claims that companies make in advertisements and on product labels. Annually, Earth Day 2000 releases this report in order to call people's attention to the past year's worst greenwashers: those corporations that have made especially misleading or false claims about the environmental benefits of their products and industries. The "Don't Be Fooled Report" describes companies' greenwashing attempts as well as the truth behind the false claims.

Earth Day 2000 newsletter

The Earth Day 2000 newsletter is an easy-to-read, free-for-use guide to living your commitment to a healthier planet. Mailed to members five times a year, the Earth Day 2000 newsletter is chock-full of simple tips, from how to cut down on household trash to how to use energy in your home more efficiently. Plus, you'll find the latest news on corporate greenwashers, so you can tell what's true and what's not when checking out the claims companies make for their products. Email us for subscription details.

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Download the 2000 January and February Newsletter

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