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be a green shopper

No matter what products you buy, follow these tips to reduce your impact on the planet


Don’t be fooled. Look for the facts behind claims that products are "biodegradable" or "environmentally safe." Manufacturers often use these claims—as well as the familiar "chasing arrows" recycling symbol—on their products to mask the damage their products do to the environment. Truly green products will substantiate their environmental claims right on the package.


Buy organic. Look for produce grown organically or with integrated pest management instead of conventionally grown produce. Conventionally grown produce uses tons of pesticides—literally.


Buy in bulk. Buy bulk products or products in minimal packaging. For example, choose products sold in bags rather than boxes. Packaging uses a significant amount of resources and contributes to our growing waste problem.


Support green stores. Support stores in your community that provide green products and encourage more traditional stores to carry green products.


Buy less. If you must buy, buy green. But the most important thing is to make a commitment to using less.

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