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Planning your environmental event

The step-by-step guide to putting on an Earth Day Event from its conception including publicity, fundraising, speakers, and registration.

Earth Day Curriculum

K-6 $10
7-12 $10
K-6 $8
7-12 $8
These interactive curricula include sections on solid waste, toxics, and energy. The curricula include pages to copy for students to take home; lesson plans, and resources.

Facts Sheets (Set #1, 8 sheets

$4 $3
Agriculture, food choices, American forests, the automobile, energy, household hazards, composting and population growth.

Earth Day Spring Clean Kit

$5 $3
Everything you need to organize your own environmental work-a-thon. A set of brochures, manual and poster.

25 Ideas for the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day

$5 $3
Twenty-five ideas to help you demonstrate your concern for the planet.

Earth Day 2000 "1999 Countdown 2000 Report"

$3 free
Earth Day 2000ís annual report on the world's progress towards the goals of Earth Day 1990.

Water Resources Guide

$7 $5
This guide helps teachers show students how to protect and conserve water. The guide is complete with ideas, examples, and resources.

50 Ways to Work on Water

$5 $3
This publication provides 50 things you can do to protect the water.

History of Earth Day

$2 $1
Fact sheet covering the history of Earth Day.

Projects for the Planet

These kits help you organize environmental projects in your workplace, school, community. Each kit contains an organizing how-to guide and ready to copy posters.

    Kit #1: How to Organize a Workplace Rideshare Program

$7 $5

    Kit #2: How to Organize a Workplace Recycling Program

$7 $5

Workplace Audit

$5 $3
A guide for people who want to start addressing environmental problems in their workplace.

Green Power Campaign

$3 $1
Earth Day 2000 Green Power campaign materials include a fact sheet and utility survey.

1999 Don't Be Fooled Report

$3 free
This annual report highlights greenwashers, companies which are misleading consumers about their environmental products or deeds.

Earth Day 2000 Membership

$20 annually

Earth Day 2000 is the Consumer Clearinghouse for the Environmental Decade. Members receive a newsletter 5 times a year with the latest information on green products. Membership includes a copy of the annual Countdown 2000 report and provides discounts on Earth Day Resources materials. Members in Earth Day 2000 receive the discounted price.

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