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Earth Day 2000: Annual Progress Report Shows That Environmental Goals Have Not Been Met In "Green" Decade

April 13, 2000
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The consumer clearinghouse for the environmental decade, Earth Day 2000, has released Countdown 2000, its annual report on global progress toward the ambitious goals for healing our planet set by environmental leaders 10 years ago.

This year’s report is the culmination of a decade spent tracking this progress toward ensuring healthy water, protecting biological diversity and the planet’s atmosphere, promoting sustainable agriculture as well as developing renewable energy technologies. Unfortunately, while there has been success in moving toward a few of these goals, the majority have not seen any progress–and we have actually lost ground on some.

Campaign urges Coca-Cola to score one for recycling.
Twenty foot tall Coke bottle unveiled for Super Bowl

January 27, 2000

Atlanta (January 27) - Citizens and environmental groups gathered downtown in Woodruff Park on Thursday morning to kick off a new stage of a campaign to urge Coca-Cola to keep a pledge made nine years ago to use twenty-five percent recycled content in its plastic bottles. A twenty-foot inflatable Coca-Cola bottle will be on display in Atlanta through Super Bowl Weekend before it begins a nationwide tour stopping at college campuses in major Coca-Cola markets.

"Coca-cola should score one for recycling this Superbowl Sunday," said Jill Johnson of Earth Day 2000. "Consumers, investors, and students call on Coca-Cola to take a simple, sensible action in honor of Earth Day," continued Johnson.

Coca-Cola called upon to honor pledge to use recycled plastic in bottles on America Recycles Day

Monday, November 15, 1999

Atlanta (November 15) – Citizens and environmental groups gathered in front of the World of Coca-Cola on America Recycles Day to urge the Coca-Cola Company CEO M. Douglas Ivester to comply with a pledge made by the Company in 1990 to use recycled content in its plastic soda bottles. As a sponsor of America Recycles Day, the Coca-Cola Company is asking Americans to pledge to recycle more and to buy recycled products.

"Coca-Cola is sponsoring America Recycles Day is because it wants to appear concerned about the environment," said Jill Johnson, Southern Organizer for Earth Day 2000. "Yet, it has not kept its pledge to buy recycled content to make its plastic soda bottles. Coca-Cola is undermining the recycling efforts of millions of Americans across the country. "

Report Exposes BP Amoco "Greenwashing"

October 20, 1999

Despite claims that they are a "green" oil company, BP Amoco’s track record suggests another color — oily black.

The company with the birthday image that boasts "any colour you want.. as long as it’s green" is responsible for a long list of environmental problems, ranging from toxic discharges in Alaska to oil spills in California to tons of emissions that contribute to climate change, according to a report released today by Earth Day 2000 and U.S. PIRG.



22 March 1999

Earth Day 2000 released its annual progress report on the state of the planet to coincide with Earth Day 1999, the 29th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

"The planet remains in disrepair as we approach the new millennium," said Wendy Wendlandt, President of Earth Day 2000.

This year’s report, the seventh since Earth Day 1990, reports on progress towards the goals laid out by leading environmentalists on Earth Day 1990. The report details progress on meeting basic human needs; enhancing and protecting biological diversity; creating a safe, sustainable energy system; protecting the planet’s atmosphere; ensuring healthy water; promoting international cooperation; and reducing waste and water pollution.


April 14, 1999

 Don't Be Fooled Awards Presented to Top Ten Environmental Greenwashers of 1999 Earth Day 2000, the consumer clearinghouse for the environmental decade, announced its "Don't Be Fooled" awards today to those corporations responsible for painting their actions as environmental when their actual actions destroy the environment. Annually, Earth Day 2000 recognizes ten greenwashing companies with the "Don't Be Fooled" Award. [ 14 March 1999]


Earth Day 2000 is the Consumer Clearinghouse for the Environmental Decade. The organization will be working to ensure that Earth Day 2000 does not become another opportunity for corporate greenwashing.

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